Author Topic: FX Map Quadrant Cloning?  (Read 89 times)

I've noticed that some of the built-in FX Maps are using some type of cloned quadrant nodes, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how this is done?

If you change one of the exposed functions of one quadrant node, such as "Pattern Size", you can open one of its cloned nodes and the same changes will have occurred there as well. Looks like the dirt 1 noise has 3 clones of the same quadrant node. Rather than having to copy and paste the same code 3 times, they have it setup so they only need to maintain one node. I did not know this type of "cloning" was possible until now. Is this something they hacked in, or something we can do ourselves?

Wow, never mind. I just found the "create reference" item in the quadrant context menu (right click it).

Guess I will leave this post here in case someone else searches for it.