Author Topic: [SOLVED] How to randomize input image in fx map?  (Read 83 times)

I'm making a texture of a book cases shelf, full of books. I want to make the books randomly iterate, so I'm attempting to do this with a fx map. I'm going into the input image index of the quadrants, and working on making an equation to randomize which book shows in the quadrant. 
Any suggestions on how to make a simple randomization equation?

Thanks so much!
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Here's another node structure I've tried, though for some reason I can't make the Vector Float at the end an Output Node  ???

Update: I've found a node structure that makes iterations random, for the most part. It's a constant/float into a function/random, then into a cast/to integer.   It makes iterations random in none quadrant, though when I make another quadrant with the same structure it shows that the image is the same, instead of randomly making a new one. ANy suggestions on how to remedy this?