Author Topic: Exporting is not working  (Read 1331 times)

When trying to export material on my work PC, it seems to not work. It is hung up on exporting... I let it sit there for over an hour and nothing changed.  :-\

I had it hang as well (on some - one in specific)

But others saved out just fine.

What were you saving? (In my case I was working from a High Rez photo and I am wondering if its the size I chose (2048x2048) or maybe the resolution of the original photo that was the issue. I noticed on things I brought in that weren't as high rez it seemed to work fine. Just curious if there is something in common between what I had created that made it hang and what you did  :)

Can you describe your stack? Did you use Delighter? Can you send a summary of your hardware configuration?
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