Author Topic: UE 4.22.3 with Substance Plugin - Bad packaged build performance  (Read 1854 times)

Hello i had my game in 4.20 and the packaging worked like a charm, but when i upgraded to 4.22 the packaged build performance is miserable with 20-50 fps with a lot of spikes and 90 % cpu usage vs constant 120 fps in the PIE version. After a lot of hours of testing different configurations i reached the conclusion that substance plugin seems to be the culprit. With substance plugin enabled my persistent level and my sub-levels load in about 90-360 seconds, with the plugin disabled all takes 5 seconds. I dont have many substance textures so if i can't solve this problem i need to stop using the plugin and redo the textures in the normal workflow. Any ideas of what can be causing this?