Author Topic: Launching Substance Alchemist via Launcher results in crash  (Read 11135 times)

When I start Substance Alchemist via the Launcher, I see the interface with the Bug Report window covering it; the program is locked up and I cannot use the interface or use the Bug Report window.

The system I use is an MSI GS75 with the new NVidia RTX 2070 Max-Q\32GB RAM\512GB SSD and running on an Intel i7 8750H CPU

Painter and Designer start without problems on this system.

As a side note, I've successfully installed (via Launcher) and run Substance Alchemist on my desktop system with NVidia GTX 1080Ti\64GB RAM\1TB SSD running on a Ryzen Treadripper 1950X. Is there an issue with the RTX Max-Q line of videocards?

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Thank you for your feedback, and all the repro steps. We will look into it.
Thanks for the log as well.
One question can you start Substance Alchemist directly without the bug report (outside the Launcher) ?
We need to understand if it comes from the Launcher or from Alchemist.
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When I was experiencing the problem, I also saw the same behaviour when statring Alchemist outside the Launcher. However, I managed to fix the problem!

What I did was the following:
- I changed TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay back to default 2 (I had it set to 60 because of Houdini);
- used unins000 in ~/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance Alchemist to uninstall Alchemist;
- manually removed all remaining folders/files of Alchemist from AppData;
- restarted computer;
- started Substance Launcher;
- reinstalled Substance Alchemist.

Still unsure what exactly caused the program to seize up in the first place.


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Thank you for the repro steps, we will try to reproduce it and then fix it, we need to understand if it comes from the Launcher or Project Alchemist.

Hi. I have the same problem. Does'nt matter if I start from Substance Launcher or from dock, SA crashes 10 seconds after starting the program. Uninstalling all did not help. Mac OS 10.13.6