Author Topic: Substance Source site painfully slow today  (Read 566 times)

Ok... the issue below seems to have been resolved now.

I've been trying for the last half hour to get a look at My Assets on Substance Source and download some new ones, but so far no luck.

The My Assets page is timing out and the other pages are horribly slow, it's been very hit and miss if I'm able to get a download of anything (e.g. some of the new materials) started.

The site was fine a few days ago, but there might have been some kind of update to it. A four segment progress bar that slowly fills on mouse over has been added to each of the thumbnails, that I don't think was there on my last visit. The purpose of it isn't really clear.

Other internet connectivity is fine.

Anyone else experiencing problems on there today?
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Hi Ivan,

Indeed it has been slow earlier today, it is back to normal now but don't hesitate to let us know if it happens to you again
PO @ Allegorithmic