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Is there a way to import multiple textures (albedo, normal, roughness etc.) to create a Substance Material with Alchemist?
I can drop an Albedo texture into Alchemist and it creates all other maps based from that - what i want is assigning different maps myself and only create the ones I'm missing.

I'm aware i can do that in Designer, but it would be nice to skip that additional step and start working with Alchemist right away using 3rd party texture maps.


Hey Ron,

Yes you can do it, just import your albedo then you can add an "Adjustment" layer, when you clic on the filter there is a material group, in there you can import you other maps.



Hi Matthieu!

Hmm... i don't have a material group in the adjustment layer.
Got version 0.5.3 installed - seems to be the latest version.

I was looking for the same thing and I found it in a different place.  Try adding Make it Tile Advanced.  There is a materials section on that one.


Do you have the same as the picture below ? Normally you can import there your maps and it will overwrite the channel you want.



No - i don't have that section in the Adjustment filter.
Just updated to the newest version - still not there.
Super strange. What version do you have? Maybe thy scrapped it?

It's there in the "Make it tile" filter though. I can assign different textures there.

Would be awesome if you can just drag multiple textures into Alchemist though. It's a bit of a hastle clicking every input on the filter and navigate to the right folder.

Was looking for the same answer. I know this is an old post, but there might be people looking here in the future: The section in the latest version is in the 'Base Material' Layer -> 'Custom Channels'. Good luck.


You have two options:
- In the base material layer as said by ngerbens
- Drag and drop the images directly in the layer stack and select use as bitmap. In the image import layer, you can define for each image their usage (base color, normal, roughness, ...)
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