Author Topic: export from alchemist: everything is total flat  (Read 353 times)

hello dear all!
i have some newbie problem with export my material with pebbles to Painter. But in Painter/designer texture is total flat.
there is normal map, that looks good. Height map that looks... grey in designer and black in painter....
i have read some diskussion and try to off height/normal map in Alchemist- nothing... Then i tried export without these maps or with one- nothing. I tried to off height or normal in painter...
i thought, that this is pretty common question, but what i had managed to find in this forum- only one question at page#10..
what i need to do?
help me please.  :'(

Dear all,
maybe, i just confused by the way Alchemist showing me this material?
i went to designer. turn on Displacement and increase parallax occlusion. it works better for my eyes.
tell me, that i overthinking  :-\
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In Substance Designer:
- Go to the 3D View > Materials > Default > Definitions > physically_metallic_roughness > Tesselation
- Go to the 3D view > Materials > Edit > Increase the Scale parameter

In Substance Painter:
It's available since 2019.1: check how to activate the tessellation here:

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