Author Topic: Tilling issues  (Read 383 times)

Hi there alchemists,

I feel like the lack of documentation on tilling withing alchemist is very frustrating for many users.
For me, if i can't get a material to work on larger surfaces then alchemist is useless, it is for no use to me to have a material just on a single plane.
And i am talking here about materials which are imported/bought from substance source which theoretically should be procedural.
As an example, even when i add some leafs using the splatter method, patterns are visible and that makes everything so unrealistic.
I mean, patterns may be not visible on that single plane, but if i tile it then it is visible, any thoughts on this ?


I also must be missing something because surely people who are making grounds with rocks and puddles etc need to make more than like a 3m square section. I can't make the tiling layer work for me in these circumstances. What am I missing