Author Topic: Massive ammount of materials wont load?  (Read 1482 times)

So I have downloaded a lot of materials from substance share and from substance with my subscription. Yet I have for a while gone "Huh it seems like a lot of my materials are not here." But recently I really was like. I KNOW i downloaded those materials. Why are they not here? So I did some research. Found the TDLR file that I needed to update with my 1070 graphics card. Yet even after I did that substance painter isn't loading the materials. So can I get some assistance. Here is an image of what this is looking like from my end.

Any help with this?

Are you able to open the sbsar file in the Substance Player ?
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Hello I was just coming to write in on this as I have again updated and still have materials not loading. Sorry for the late response it was several days before I saw anyone posting on this and got distracted with other things. I am actually unsure of what Substance player is. Is this a specific program in the suite? I only have painter designer and alchemist on my pc.

Player is a free software that allows you to render the sbsar outputs. You can download it here
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Okay. Sorry I've been really busy. Got around to checking. Yes it seems to load the material into player. But doesn't show up in painter. Check the image provided.

Is there a specific folder structuring? Like should they all be in 1 folder? Will that let the program register them? I dunno its just weird to pay and pull all these materials I want to use from substance share and substance source and not be able to use them. Like right now I have one I very specifically want to use and need for something I'm working on but cant use it.

Are you using the latest version of Painter?
If not which version are you using?
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Yes I am using the latest version. This has persisted for several updates.

Hey guys... Any thoughts here? I have been paying for your product for almost a year now. It seems a bit odd to me to hear no responses on this. I mean I cant use half the materials I've downloaded from your site. Like I really like your product. Maybe consider crediting my account or something until you figure out this bug? I'm posting here because if its on my end. I'll do what needs to be done to get it fixed. But I'm not hearing any solutions. Month by month I'm paying for your product that isn't working. Please let me know if you have solutions or suggestions.


Hi, sorry for the delayed response, could you please attach a log file ? (can be exported through the help menu).

Here is a log. I just updated to the latest version as well with this.

Ughh did it attach the log?

Okay looks like it did that time.


Thanks for reaching out to us. Sorry for the delay!

I would like to ask you a couple of question, if you don't mind, and it would be great if you could try a few things for me please.

1. Do you have multiple GPUs? If so, could you please disable one (as SP doesn't support multiple GPU set up: and see if it changes anything?

2. Could you download the latest Substance Player and try again (or Designer 2019 would work as well if you have it)? The 2019 programs have an updated version of the engine, so I'd like to see if it is solely a SP issue or not.

3. If the above works normally, then could you please try to downgrade to 2019.1.0 version, and then 2018.3.3 to see if that works?

Let me know the results!
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