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Same issue with 3dsMax2019 and Vraynext, closing and restarting 3dsMax doesn't always solve the problem...


And when will the next version be available ???

I know the problem seems to be fixed but I still wanted to add my two cents.
This problem keeps happening and makes the use of the substance2 map more often than not a gamble I am not willing to make.

Is there any new information when the fix will be available?

If the problem is fixed then why isn't the new version released ? Or at least a corrective patch ?
This bug makes the substance workflow almost unuseable, i'm about to cancel my substance subscription...

Yeah I agree with sebz - If it's fixed it makes it usable for production and should be a priority release. Right now it's not worth using Substance for Max IMO.

2am in the morning here... Trying to merge a chair into my scene... "Error loading param block 2"
Frustrated user.
("User" is to be taken lightly as Substance doesn't work)

Been there Martin! ... Very frustrating.

It is fixed and will be in the next released version.

Please release it now, this is extremely frustrating  >:(
Frustrated user.
("User" is to be taken lightly as Substance doesn't work)

It has been 3 weeks since apparently the issue has been fixed internally. Is there any time frame for when the we might get our hands on it?

When is the new script being released?

It requires a complete release of the plugin, not just a change in scripts.

We would like to release soon, but there's some last things we'd like to do first, including fixing the issues with Corona that have also been reported.

There are some other changes we are working on to make sure it's ready to work with the current Max beta and the next version of 3ds Max as well, unlike the big delay we had with 2020.
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@Galen, it looks like the Substance for 3ds Max issue has received some TLC in recent months, I'm happy to hear that the development team has made progress and is (hopefully) aiming for a release date this quarter.

Does the next release of the Substance to 3ds Max plugin target issues pertaining to 3ds Max 2018 and Corona Renderer?
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I too have a recurring problem with parmblock2 which is very very frustrating. I'm wasting a lot of time.

Please take out the correction as soon as possible, or already have a script to repair the affected files?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry Benjamin, but it will require changes in the full plugin. We're finalizing the next release, but there's some other important things coming up that require fixing as well before the next release.

It will not require changing the previous files however.
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Hey Galen,

I really don't understand this. I purchased the software under the provisor that it works with 3ds max integration. It doesn't.

Why should I keep paying for my subscription while you get around to releasing an update that you have already fixed?

I like this software a lot and would love to be able to practically use it.