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Keep getting paramblock2 error when opening max files that used the substance plugin. Materials sometimes show up as black in the browser. Materials often not showing in material library. How can I get this plugin to work properly? Causing much lost time. Running 3ds max 2019, vray next.

You may get parameter block collisions when opening a scene on top of another one. The workaround is to make sure to close Max fully.

We're looking at ways to mitigate this some, but we have to generate dynamic parameter block IDs, and there's no way to keep them unique between two scenes, as the plugin cannot know what is in a scene not loaded in Max. This ID number is only a 16-bit value, which doesn't give much room to work with, so even if we try to randomly distribute the IDs we can still easily hit collisions.

We require dynamic data blocks because different graphs and sbsars have completely different sets of inputs.
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Thanks for your response.