Author Topic: How to adquire more points/credits? Its possible to antecipate a payment?  (Read 1324 times)

Hello Substance!

I urgently need a specific texture for a new project but I ended up spending all my 30 pts / credits this month. I looked in the forum like buying more credits or anticipating a monthly fee but I did not find anything about it. Is there a way to antecipate a payment to acquire more credits for Substance Source materials? Because I don't want to cancel the subscription so as not to lose the accumulated months. I've been there for 6 consecutive months. And I didn't want to create another account for that either.

But I really need it. Is there an alternative to buy more "points"?

Thank you!

Hi @Caio Agostinho 0

It is not possible to anticipate next payment, but it is possible to purchase some extra points if you need them (however we are aware it is not the most practical solution).

You can subscribe for an additional Substance subscription with the same account, only for one month for example, and you will get 30 additionnal downloads. You can then unsubscribe before the end of the month if you don't think you will need more points the next month, as the points do not decay over time you will keep them even if you have unsubscribed you will not have to worry about having to use them all in a short amount of time.
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