Author Topic: Bad moments  (Read 1292 times)

1. Alchemist collapse source sbsar parameters after export. (I was hoping that he would add the selected filters)
2. –°annot load own mesh.
3. There is no interaction with the Substance Designer.

collapse is the worst idea. I wanted to get around this. I tried to use filters from the alchemist in the designer. but they are not suitable.

I quickly made Sewer material a form in a design, and even more quickly finished it in an alchemist. It all took about an hour. But it killed the ability to change parameters.

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Parameters of materials will come later on Substance Alchemist like the mesh import.

Regarding the interaction with Substance Designer, you can export sbs files and also create your own filters for Substance Alchemist using Substance Designer. See the documentation here:

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