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I all

I got a few question about the following workflow to make my custom mesh + texture to look exactly like it was in SP into UE4, Here is what ive done so far and the result

* I started whit a custom mesh and and did a texture in SD
* I have imported this mesh into ue4 via the sbar substance

-The result of it was pretty much what i expected about the same as SD

*Then to add details i imported my mesh and SD substance to Substance painter
*I exported the 4 maps out of Substance Painter (base color, metal, roughness , normal)
*I imported those maps into UE4

-> this is where i hit a problem into my workflow how do i tell my substance already imported in ue4 (from substance designer) to read my newly imported map? how do i modify my substance graph instance to read the new maps in ue4?

To resolve this problem i went whit 2 solution, the first one is to re-import my maps exported from SP into Substance Designer and create a new substance or create a material in ue4 from scratch whit my maps from SP.

Both of these solution had problems, the first one my new substance had quite different values in metalness and roughness from my original substance and the second one would be the best choice but i am still a newb in ue4 and if i don't use the substance created i got a big normal seem in the middle of my mesh as it is mirrored.

What would be the best workflow fmethod from SD to SP to UE4? and is it possible to change a substance instance graph in ue4?


Hi franck.martin3d,

Have you tried right clicking on the substance factory and reimporting it? It will reload it from the sbsar on disk.

hanks josh,

this was not the solution i was looking for but it forced me to rethink my approach, turns out it was a simple solution and i was over thinking everything.

the solution i found was get the map generated by SP back into SD but instead of just making quick map output for all channel i blended my details back into my main graph...

Magic ensued!

It now works like a charm!