Author Topic: Get custom filter to show up as a filter?  (Read 81 times)

Regardless of what I try, I cannot get a really simple custom filter (made in Designer for Painter) to show up in the filters category of Painter. And when it doesn't get recognized as a filter, it cannot be dragged into the layer stack as a "passthrough" layer filter.

If I import the custom filter and manually select it as a filter, it works. But is there any way to let Painter know to automatically add this as a filter when it finds it in the shelf folders?

I've tried every kind of input/output setup I can think of. Every type of category, user tags, etc. I really appreciate any advice.

Edit: I've noticed that built-in filters that show up correctly in the filter category have "usages: filter" in their context menu. But I'm pretty sure this is not related to the input/output usages. Anyone know what this is or how to control it?
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I found this in the Painter documentation:

Usage define what a resource is and how to use it in Substance Painter. Some can be defined by the filetype of the ressource, some other don't.
For example :
pbr.glsl : Shader file, can only be used at one place.
effect.sbsar : Substance file, can be a mask generator, a filter or even a material.
That's why it is important to specify properly the usage of a resource when importing it into the shelf, otherwise it will be impossible for the application to recognize it properly

My guess is that its impossible to specify the usage of a substance without manually importing each one.

Edit: After even more experimenting, it appears that everything will work fine as long as you add your custom root shelf directory to the Painter shelf directories in options and then make sure your substance files are in the correct directories (filters go into "effects\").

I thought I had already done this, but when I went into my options, there was no custom directory listed at all. This is especially confusing since Painter was apparently automatically locating my substance files in an obscure directory that I didn't seem to specify anywhere? Oh well, the moral of the story is that it works as long as you put your substances in the correct places and make sure the root directory is in that directory list.
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