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So, I have perpetual licenses for SP & SD. I was at the Keynote today and NEED to get my hands on Alchemist. If I was considering switching to subscription, how does this affect my perpetual? Do I forfeit that license and no longer own the software? Or do I still own it perpetually, but am now in monthly maintenance mode? If I subscribed and for some reason needed to cancel, What becomes of the license at that point?

Thank you

I bought a perpetual for SP then decided I should subscribe last year. My perpetual license remains as is, just with an expiry date on when I can get updates to it, should I decide to stop subs, I will ensure the last version of the install file is safely tucked away. The subs just means I get further updates plus access to all the software, so I treat my perpetual license as a fall-back for if I can't afford to keep my subs running.

So effectively you have paid for two licenses to try and hedge against the limitations of Allegorithmic's current licensing system. It is a difficult time, as it would be even worse if complaining too loudly we find the only option is Adobe subscription only.
But regardless of this, paying for 2 licenses when you only require 1 is clearly wrong.