Author Topic: Is there any way to export a Material Blend with single combined map outputs?  (Read 1104 times)


I have a material blend of (2) combined full materials, and when I go to export bitmaps I am getting both material's maps, and I only want the final combined singular output maps of the material blend. 

Please see attached and advise best way to get the final combined output maps.

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Hello @bluicat!

The behaviour you describe is indeed strange. According to the screenshot you kindly provided, the outputs are correctly connected to the final Material blend node, thus exporting the graph's outputs as bitmaps should result in the expected blended maps.
Can you please share a screenshot of the Export output(s) as bitmaps window for this graph? You may blur out any information you do not wish to disclose publicly, such as system paths.

I appreciate your patience!

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Hi Luca,

Because of the double outputs, I decided to do over my master ceramic material into a single 1 - since there was an issue with the grout getting glossy when the color of the grout got darker.  It was even more difficult to find where the issue exactly was.  The other reason to do this over was to follow Clearly my own graph better.
Please note that either way creating outputs direct from the material blend also produced double maps.

Material (1) is the tile shape and grout and material 2 was the texture of the tile.
The goal is to have a material blend where the shapes with the background grout are (1) material and the texture of the ceramic would be material (2) in hopes to easily switch out different manufacture's shapes and textures using a master material blend.  I wanted to avoid the color ID needed for the Multi Material blend and it seems that the Material Blend will only take (2) materials etc...,   

Thanks for taking a look!

I can send the .sbs file if easier?
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Hello @bluicat,

Thank you for the helpful additional details!

Indeed, in the graph I can spot three arrays of outputs, which is consistent with the outputs list in the Export bitmap(s) window – see coloured frames in the attached image.

Because all outputs are checked in the Export bitmap(s) window, exporting the outputs for this graph will indeed result in three sets of images. That being said, considering the graph as it appears in your screenshot, two sets of images should be black.

It would indeed be helpful to have access to the SBS file, so I can investigate this further. Please take the following steps to easily share a working copy of the SBS package:
  • In the Explorer panel, right-click on the SBS package
  • Select the Export with dependencies option
  • In the window which has appeared, check the Build archive option
  • Select a destination folder, and click the Export button
  • Attach the exported archive file to a reply in this thread, or provide a link for easy download using any safe and reliable cloud storage or file transfer service
Thank you for your patience and help!

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