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got my hand on Alchemist today, and I'm super excited! so far it seems really cool.
I can't help but make some comparisons to Quixel Mixer 2019, and while I can totally see myself liking alchemist a lot more (and using it more) there are a couple of little things I really like in Quixel that I'm wondering why are they missing in Alchemist (unless I'm missing the point?)

So in Quixel Mixer, you have this really nice and simple "noise" layers. It essentially feels like using Designer but in a simpler layer-based workflow. See the following video:

Now personally, I can see why Designer would do this but better, but I kinda see Alchemist as an easy way to open up some of the power of Designer but to all the artists who don't have the time or temperament to learn the fairly complicated node based workflow it uses.
Is there a way to do something like this in Alchemist,  is it planned, or is it not really in the roadmap since Designer already does all this so well?

Or could I just simply make a "noise filter" in Designer and import it into Alchemist as a custom filter (have not really explored this functionality yet!). I suspect I can, yet I don't see why this would not be included as a standard layer in alchemist.

Thanks for the hard work, Alchemist is blowing my mind so far!

You can import any substance files in alchemist, including all the noises :)

We just released the first beta, the tool is still gonna evolve a lot!

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