Author Topic: not sure where to report errors.  (Read 1863 times)

Yeah alchemy is finely there !
but when i try to open it this is what happens
or on one of my other monitors
hope this feedback is usefull

Windows 10
GTX 1080


Can you verify your drivers are up-to-date and deactivated some options like the FXAA?

Please, can you send me a log file? You can find it here: ~/AppData/Roaming/Allegorithmic/Substance Alchemist

Substance Alchemist Product Manager

Thanks for the swift reply did send the logfiles latest session to you

Oh, I'm so relieved that it's not just me, I had the exact same issue.
And kudos for the suggestion!
In my case the culprit was the Antialiasing - FXAA being ON in the nvidia 3D settings.
Once turned off, everything looks good (and as a side-dish, you fixed my viber  with it. :) )
Thank you!

Turning off FXAA  fixed it for me to !

That was the issue for me also, turning FXAA