Author Topic: Omni Light and Spot light inside Painter  (Read 778 times)

Hello, i just got into a project which requires a older workflow. My problem with texturing is that i have a modular level and i need to fake the light and shadows directly into the Diffuse texture " color,albedo ". And because of that i need to add lights in the scene like where a neon would be, or light mood. The ability to fake the lightning, also to help with the shadows through out the level. When i bake the 2D VIEW to catch the placed lights from the scene as well into the texture, also the light and darkness i set to environment sky. So the ability to add lights to the scene and move them where you want would do magics, not only for a handpainted workflow or simple texturing, but also to stylized pbr, which bakes the 2d view.
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