Author Topic: Directional Warp effect broken in UE4  (Read 781 times)

I have a sbsar that I've imported to UE4. It's a series of wood planks, where I've exposed several parameters to allow me to changing tiling, offset and colors. In the substance graph, I use the Directional Warp node to break up an overarching wood grain pattern I have, so it looks like the grain is randomized per wooden plank. When I export the sbsar, everything work as it should, but this portion of the graph seems to be broken. The wood grain texture overlays across all the planks, seamlessly, rather than it randomizing with the Dirctional Warp node, as it should. I'm not sure how to fix this or if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a known issue/bug. I'm still a bit new to Substance Designer, so any guidance would help. Thanks!

-This is what it looks like or is suppose to look like, in Substance Designer. Woodgrain is randomized across the planks.

- This is what it looks like in UE4. Woodgrain simply laying over all the planks, seamlessly.

- Another example in UE4, where I changed the offset and tiling, but the woodgrain remains in place and the same.

-Here's the graph if this would help