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Thanks Mayank I tried this out and so far it has made Painter usable. The 4k painting still wont paint but I hardly use that big of texture and for now I could paint lower and change setting when done if I need 4k.

Hi guys,

I'd been facing a lot of unbearable slowdown while painting in 2k and was surprised since I have a 780 Ti and an i7 2600K both of which are more than capable of 2k painting.

I noticed that a lot of people with nvidia cards specifically are having this problem on Windows and so I decided to investigate a bit. I found that my CPU utilization was around 37% (which isn't much) but my GPU load was around 80-90%. I created a GPU profile in the nvidia control panel for Substance Painter and changed a few settings. I've shared my settings below.

These settings allow me to paint comfortably at 2k resolution and with the highest quality (64spp). Painting at 4k is also just moderately slower. It's very important to note that once you start the brush stroke, don't immediately let go of it - continue painting till you're finished and only then let go of the pen/mouse.

I'm not sure exactly which setting helps me the most; I didn't bother investigating further since SP works fine for me now.
I wish SP supported DirectX on Windows, but I respect the decision to make it cross platform.


edit: attached new settings

You sir, are AWESOME... now I can paint a little better.

I can confirm Mayank's settings have improved the painting much. For my setup I used "Multiple display performance mode" ( I'm running two monitors). That seamed to do a big boost with the other settings. I also set the processor Priority to high in the Task manager.
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I wanted to add my experience with Substance Painter 1.0, as I had the chance to use it on 3 different computer.
Two of these are mine:
- a laptop with an i7-2670QM, 12 GB of ram, and nVidia 550M 3GB.
- my new desktop: i7 5930k, 16GB ddr4, nVidia gtx 980.

The third computer in the list is the one I use at work, as I convinced my bosses to buy some licenses of the pro suite.
- I don't remember the specs exactly, but it should have 8GB ram and one nVidia gtx 670 2GB.

Now, sadly I have to say that painting in 4K is slow even on my desktop, which I believe has quite high specs. But it looks to work OK in 2K.
On both my laptop and my work configuration instead, not only it is impossible to work in 4K, but working in 2K may be very very slow. Even the Cymourai scene, that has only fill layers and masks, it's quite demanding.

I know that eventually all the lag will be fixed in the next update (which I hope will be out very soon), but I can't stress enough about how important is to deliver better performances: my work configuration for example may not be last gen, but I assure you guys that in a studio that has to maintain several computers, it's not that uncommon to have lower specs than a gamer can have at home.


Guys, please give a go to the new update and let us know any changes you may experience, thanks!
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Guys, please give a go to the new update and let us know any changes you may experience, thanks!
I couldn't notice any difference from ver. 492. I still need the nvidia profile to keep things running smooth.
I tried painting at 4k and it didn't feel any different. The problem starts once I switch back to a lower resolution (after having switched to 4k). Even if I go all the way down to 128, I see the recomputation progress bar and the brush lags like crazy.
Once i add my SP profile in the nvcontrol panel, switching back to 2k is then very smooth.
[i7 2600K, GTX 780 Ti]

after updating i saw no difference with painting in 4k.  Its still very slow.
If I paint without the hightmap enabled its a little faster, and If I only have color enabled its very fast, but once you turn on height, its very slow with painter calculating every stroke.
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- so,for me it's definitely a bit stable, but still get to crashes (whenever you want to save your project/ not always, but often)
the work only is stable
- the particles a bit faster

- but when working with 4K textures it's slow, yes.
It is therefore advisable to work with 2K and 4K for the export

// PNY NVIDIA Quadro 4000 // Driver 340.84
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I had to completely delete the substance painter profile I created in my nvidia control panel. Once I did that performance seems much better than v1. 4K painting is still slow though
Win7 64/Core i7-975 3.33GHz/12GB RAM/GTX 1080Ti + GTX 670/2x1920x1200
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I have a performance issue and I tried to find some solution here but seems there is no specific way to fix this issue.

I set mutiple layers and tested performance.
Substance Painter Version 1.0.2
Texture size : 2048
Quality : Medium(16spp)

What I found so far is the number of top(upper) layers causes the bad performance.
If I work on 'Rough Metal' layer, it works fine but if I work on 'Base' layer, there is serious perf issue.
If I turn several top(upper) layers off, it's fine working on 'Base' layer.

If I go up texture size 4096, it's almost impossible to work on any layer.