Author Topic: Substance Painter - Download file missing file extension (no .exe) on windows  (Read 1365 times)


When we download Substance Painter on Windows, there is no file extension (This problem has been there since I bought the Substance products a couple of months ago), also not a full name imo, it just says "Substance", no version number, etc). We need to add the rest of the name manually in order for it to be recognized as a Windows file.

Also, there seems to be a problem with the download links (displaying 3 times the same thing). See the screenshot below.

Thanks and good luck with the launch today!
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Seems to be working, I downloaded my PC version about 45 minutes ago

Apperently there was some problem with the download links for Windows at first - but now they seem to work.

I think this a problem on the firefox browser. Have the same problem. Just tried with chrome and it seems to work there.