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Hi! Anyone knows why the texture is streching? Thank you.

Make sure your UVs are in the 0-1 UV space. Also unless you have a intention, don't overlap UVs. I only do this for mirrored stuff, with the exception of a few other cases.

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Hi, CAGameDEV, thank you very much for answering. The overlaping is intentional and the UVs are partially out of the UV space because of tiling. I've finded that the stretching starts where the tiling does but I don't know how to solve it.

There is nothing else to add here. Your UV layout is not usable in Painter as it is right now, you need to change it if you want to texture your object in Painter.

As said, all UVs must be located in 0-1 UV space (or distributed reasonably in UDIMs), they cannot cross from one tile into another like they do in your layout, intentional or not.

You should also remove that strange overlapping, it will just produce artifacts/ unwanted borders in your baked textures.
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Also just an FYI, when you do stack UVs, you only have one island from the stack in the 0-1 space, then you offset the rest into the next space otherwise when you bake you'll get issues from the overlapping.

Just thought I would mention this so I don't cause any misunderstanding as I said prior that I do stack UVs, but I do them the correct way.