Author Topic: Sbsar file very different in unity  (Read 754 times)

Hello all,

I made a video to make it clear :

You can see I have nails in substance designer and they don't appear in Unity.

The color is very strange too, I don't have this problem with the other sbsar file next to it.

I don't understand what is the problem, do you have an idea ?

I attached my sbs file in this message.

Thank you


If you want to display in Designer the same result you will have in Unity you have to switch to CPU engine.
To do this hit F9 and choose SSE2. You will see the nails disappear just like in Unity.
Depending on the engine, nodes result can be slightly different. Nodes after nodes difference is increased and you get this kind of issue.
This is particularly true with the edge detect, histogram scan and histogram select.
So if you create material for Unity, prefer to keep the SSE2 engine in Designer this way you will be sure you'll get the same result in Unity.

Hope this will help
QA Analyst