Author Topic: What are these files and where do they go?  (Read 5184 times)

 Yes i'm lost again.

Regarding Substance
When I drop them in the respective smart materials or materials folders do they stay in the archive or do they need to be unzipped into folders of their own.

Can I create extra folders as well as use the preset folders like 'fabric' or 'metal'

What are sbsasm files and can they be used in Substance or do they require processing in Designer.

Am interested to trying to recreate the wonderful textures for the architecture from Assassins Creed Odyssey...those wonderfull brick and plaster walls that are old and worn. And trying to get all the smart mats and mats loaded that I can find.

  Never mind, read finally that they go in the 'materials' folder unopened in doc/alleg or substance....what I did this morning is just delete everything related to Substance off my PC and will reinstall. Not a problem just time-consuming to find, get, and reinstall the assets. Last night was placing assets in 'materials' but they didnt show up. I'm going to forget that and say i was tired at the early hour.
   But one last question if I may. I was putting all my smart materials in the smart material folder. I had alot I guess because it was slow to load what didnt come with Substance and was cranky to navigate thru them. Is it possible and indeed preferable to use my own folders...say instead of one 'smart materials' to create a sm_metal and a sm_wood?
   Thanks and sorry to clog the forum with silly questions.