Author Topic: Indie License bitmap2material activation?  (Read 5110 times)

I just purchased Substance Indie Pack and had no problems installing and activation Substance Painter and Designer but Bitmap2material never asked for my license information and I can't find a way to manually input it. 

Thanks for any help.

That's normal. You don't need to input the license number with B2M.


Is this information still valid for B2M 3.1?

I have the same problem with Bitmap2Material 3.1.

The program keeps showing in the headline _Trial.sbar, also I HAVE received a license key for it when purchasing the Indie Pack, but can't find anywhere to enter it? When I pull a texture map into the viewport, it keeps showing a watermark (S)...

I managed to activate Painter and Designer without problems, but fail to make the 'Trial' in B2M3.1 disappear...

Okay guys, after spending quite a lot of time in the forums since last night, I finally found an answer to my problem. Want to mention it here (even if it's duplicate), so others can avoid wasting time in desperate search.

While Substance Painter and Substance Designer can be activated from the Trial version by entering the license key, this is NOT the case for B2M3.1 !!
For B2M3.1, if you had installed the trial version previously and now have purchased the software, it needs uninstalling the B2M3.1 trial version, and then installing the full version from the download which was provided after confirmation of your purchase.

That's the whole magic, in simple words. All those people who just answered 'You don't need a license key for B2M3.1' in the various forum threads were right, however they missed the point. This information is not helpful, if my B2M3.1 notoriously keeps telling me 'trail version'. The information needed is:

Unlike Painter and Designer, for B2M3.1 you need to first uninstall your trial version, and then re-install from the purchase download link a full version.

Hey Bytefactory, thanks for explaining. This had been bugging me since installing a month ago, but I didn't have time to work it out.. but now I need to use B2M and of course the watermark isn't a good look on my work! Time to find the full version in my account then...