Author Topic: Seed variations on single scratch with car paint material  (Read 235 times)

Hi there,

i have a question. What would you suggest is the best way to achieve this:

I need to have variations of the same or one sample scratch.
Like i.e. i have a horizontal scratch and want to create 50 iterations with tiny variations of it.

I have attached one image. Let us say i want to use the same style of the heavy scratch in the surface but not the exact same. Rather have substance designer to create a seed 1-1000 and vary according to inputs such as vertica noise, taper, etc.

in the image attached i schow what i mean. White scratch would be my first reference and i want to create the many iterations of it (shown in green).

What would suggest is the best way to automate this as much as possible?

Thanks for any tipps and guides ;)

What you're asking is the perfect job for the FX map!

It's a little too complicated to get into here. I suggest you look up some tutorials. But basically, you can define any aspect of a shape as a function. That function can involve a random seed. Then you iterate it however many times you want. It's the way the built-in scratches generator is made:

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great! Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I am looking for.
I'll post a wip if it is smth. worth seeing ;D


Hey there,

i pushed myself through 5 tutorials on FX Map.

I got this far.
I have a metal shader made after a tutorial (good enough for the purpose) and a simple scratch fx map substance?

Anyhow. The question is how do i get them blendet together so that i could export 2K textures with the metal in the background and the scratch layered on top of it?

Alternatively i could export the material and the scratch variation and import everything in blender and render each sample out. But that would be the awkward very time consuming approach to this ;)

I made a quick screen cap to illustrate the challange. (just a challenge for me, never used substance before)

Would you be able to point me to the right nodes and / or workflow how to export everything?


Use a blend node and play with the values until you get a result you are happy with

Hey, thats the thing.

When I drag the graph from the scratch generator into the metal shader and connect it, it looks like this.
But the scratch generator gives out a float?

I am trying to figure out how to change that but i think i must have done smth. fundamental wrong.
The FX map graph has an output node at the end.
Technically i want to make it that the scratches have roughness maps, normal map, base color etc.

Could you recommend a tutorial or smth exactly for that?

Big Thanks!