Author Topic: Buying substance on Steam  (Read 334 times)

I'm consider of buying substance bundle 2019 on steam , if there's 2020 version next year can I update to 2020 for free??
 if not , do I have to pay the same price to get the new update??

It says I will have 1 year update , if I buy it on 11 March will it expire the same date next year or still expire on 31 Dec 2019?

Licenses on Steam are based on calendar years. This means the 2019 license will include free updates until the end of 2019. We usually provide discount coupons at the end of the year for owners of the previous year to upgrade to the next at a lower price.

Licenses purchased on our website do last for an actual year starting on the purchase date.

If my substance product update expired,can I still using the substance I bought or not??

If it's a Steam version or a perpetual license, yes, it never expires.

Thanks for answering :)

Hi, if I buy Substance on Steam, can I still link my Steam account on your website and get an offline perpetual license from there?