Author Topic: Substance Browser desperately needed  (Read 22799 times)

20th of april 2018. Still waiting for a substance browser.

Yepp. Meet you in 2020

Yup, still needed :D  !
Something to "one click export" to multiple software would be great too (like megascan)
Would it be a feature of substance alchemist ?

It's be great if there was a Substance HTML5 player. That way you could just put a NodeJS server in your substance db folder and all the thumbnails would render in the browser. That way it's cross platform and no explorer/finder integration was needed.

Plus then you can expose Substances to a JS API.

I know I could use that in my daily development. Think of Substances on an RGB keyboard for starters.
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In my opinion, this is a massive, gaping hole in the Substance workflow. It is the one thing that has kept me from purchasing the whole Substance suite.

in Cinema 4d, you have to load your textures one at a time, from a list of file names, before you can see a preview. This is counter intuitive and super time consuming.

Substance Player is halfway there. But unfortunately, it has no organizational capabilities, does not allow import of 3rd party .sbsar, is not integrated into 3d platforms, and requires too much back and forth. Its disappointing, because its really good  texture technology that is so much of a hassle to apply, its almost inaccessible.

Is there a browser available yet?