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Hi Guys,

So I've just installed Modo 12 on 2 machines, one at home and one at work.
The install at work went fine and I was able to install the Substance plugin, no problem.
Unfortunately the install at home isn't working. The Substance kit said it installed the LPK ok but it's just not visible in my kit UI or in the kit menu.
I've tried rolling back 3 versions of Modo but the problem still remains. I've tried dropping the Substance folder into the kits folder directly too but no joy.

Currently running 12.0V1 on both machines and have tried all subsequent versions.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here are some suggestions:

Make sure the Integration is placed in the Kits folder of Modo's Content folder (which is somehow different from the Kits folder of the user folders) - but actually the installer takes care of it.

You can double check the folders via System -> Open Content Folder and System -> Open user folder. Also make sure there's no second instance of the plugin in one of the folders.

After a fresh launch of Modo, you could also check the System Log in the Scripting Palette. Does it show any error messages, possibly at the beginning of the log?

Modo 12 should be fine in general.


Same problem too. Installed via lpk in modo 12.2.2 and no substance kit showing in the kit palette.

I don't have errors in scripting system log.

Same problem here too. No sign of Substance in modo after install.

There are separate Substance Plugins for the major Modo versions 11 and 12.
Ensure you installed the one matching your Modo version, otherwise they won’t show up.
(and for Modo 13 you’ll need a 13 plugin)

The plugin for 11 is available from the Substance in Modo site:
While the one for 12 is currently available from the Download site:

And whats the ETA for the Modo 13 Plugin version?

Sorry for the delay, we've got the UE 4.22 release out and are working on the Houdini 17.5, 3ds Max 2020 and Modo 13 updates. We're finishing up a new Maya plugin as well as a major focus, which should be in beta next week, and after that we should be finishing up Modo 13.
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