Author Topic: Subtance Painter and Designer crash  (Read 441 times)

Hi, my problem with Substance Painter is, I can't start it. Every time I launch Painter, I see a white screen and Windows says the application is not answering. Then it crashes.

In Substance Designer, the same happens. But there I can open the application and after 2 Steps, like create a new graph or opening a file it crashes like Substance Painter.

I did reinstall the Painter and Designer like 10 times and tried all solutions on this site:
Nothing worked.

If someone has a solution I would be very happy :D
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I'm getting the same error message as well. I've tried all of the work around and nothing has worked.


My issue was stemming from my second monitor. I unplugged it and it opened up. Maybe try this?

Holy shit yes that worked! You are my hero <3 thanks so much!