Author Topic: Edit Painter materials in Designer?  (Read 843 times)

I have a character with a scarf, and am using the 'Fabric Knitted Sweater' material that ships with Painter as a base, which works quite well.

Now I'd like the scarf matrial to have stripes, and I'd like the stripes to follow the knitting exactly. I could paint a mask of course, which I would have to re-paint each time I change the tiling of the knitting material.

So I thought it might be best to integrate the stripes into the material directly so the details of the stripes adjust accordingly when I adjust the tiling of the material. I can export the material from Painter into a SBSAR file that I can open in Designer, but I see no way to edit the material details. I can only adjust the exposed settings I can access from within Painter as well.

I'm quite a Designer noob unfortunately, so the answer to this question might be/ probably is obvious. Is there a way to edit the actual graph of a material that ships with Painter? Or is this locked somehow? How would I access the graph in Designer?
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