Author Topic: Displaying Default color in Painter if image not found.  (Read 1020 times)

I am setting up a generator, and I expect to always have a baked normal available, even if blank, but in the case that I don't I'd like the default color to show. Is there a bool value that can be set,(if found)? If I hit the "X" in painter then my default color shows and processes as expected.

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You probably can't set a default color using userdata for mesh maps. Also you probably want to use a color input for the normal color using the user data to set the color instead of a uniform color, that way it can be picked up by SP as a legit input to use.

Not sure if this would work but i would try to make a subgraph with the three nodes you have and then set an normal_base output and usage and replace the ones you have now with that subgraph.

And yeah you could use a if else scenario.

Something like if input a has only alpha information (W) then do input b. Read here for some other ideas:

Edit: Page says they will only work in Designer, this isnt true anymore since version 2018.1 or so. :)
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You can define a default color for Painter using the User data field.
Explained here:
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