Author Topic: Designer - I'm a beginner and need some help with creating a brush texture  (Read 533 times)

Hello ! As mentionned in the title, I'm a beginner at Substance Designer.
I'm trying to create a procedural texture that would look like this (comes from :

I want to create it to use it on the short film i'm making for school :)
Do you have some ideas on how I could do that ?

Thank you !
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Here's the general workflow I'd use for an effect like this:

Important settings for the Tile Sampler:
Blend mode: Max
Scale: Something big (like 3-5)

You can do the same thing with a Tile Generator, but it's not as powerful. If you ever want to improve the pattern, use the Tile Sampler. (You'll get even closer to your reference image!)

I hope it helps!
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Hello ! Thanks a lot for your help !

It's exactly what I was looking for :)

I'll now tweak some parameters to find the sweet spot :D