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I just installed the most recent UE 4 version and the Substance plugin. On the various websites I have seen the remark that
" get 25 Substance Source materials curated by Allegorithmic and Epic Games for free"
They are displayed e.g. on

Where are these files ? Are they supposed to be on my hard drive right after installation ?
I understand there are other (and truly generous) free downloads from Substanace Source available to UE 4 users, but
how can I get access to this one set of free 25 substances. Some of them are particularly interesting for my current project.
Could you please give me access to these (free) files ?
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With the Substance plugin in Unreal Engine you should be able to open the Substance Source integration by clicking on the logo between "marketplace" and "settings".
Once the Substance Source window is open you should see a "free with Unreal Engine" tab on the left, with the 25 materials free for all Unreal Engine 4 users plus the 12 materials which are free for all our users.
PO @ Allegorithmic

For all those running into the same problem. The solution is that depending on whether one signs in as a UE4 user or as a UE4 STUDIO user one gets access to either about 25 or 100 free items (and the larger collection is NOT a superset of the smaller one).
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