Author Topic: How to load sd presets in SAT  (Read 271 times)

Dear folks,

Any quick guide to load presets in SAT and generate different variations of a graph?
Thank you@


Hi Nelson,

Can you be a little bit more specific? You can inspect presets from the API. Are you looking to rendering images from presets from the SAT or something else? Sbsrender can also take a preset as an input to produce the images.
Let me know in detal what you are trying to accomplish and I can provide better help.


I want to load a present shown in image via SAT before sbs is converted to sbsar.
Any api suggest?


Presets files are currently not supported. We are looking to add support for it soon.

At the moment you would need to parse the presets yourself and add it as a new preset in the sbs file before cooking it.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

It seems that sum has solved this problem with you guys in another post
Thank you!