Author Topic: why is designer loading models multiple times?  (Read 443 times)

I already mentioned this before, but I would love to know, why substance designer is loading the 3d model upon launch/linking, and then is loading it again for baking?

We currently load the model when linking it to populate the material list under the mesh resource and also to read the UVs to see if the mesh is potentially a "UDIM" mesh.

Various things we plan to do:
- read only the necessary data if it's possible
- keep a cache of the translated geometry into a file
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thanks for your reply, Nicolas

so if you have a number of highres meshes linked, like I do, this is super annoying. Good to know, that there is a reason for this :)

however maybe this could be happening in the background?

If you use the high poly mesh only for baking purpose, you should probably not link it in your package. In the bakers use the "from file" option to define the high poly mesh file path.
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not sure, for what else than baking the highpoly could be used?

I'll need the files linked, so I will have to live with the loading...

That's what I meant, you don't need to link the file in the package if you only use it for baking.
You link the low poly mesh, then in the baking window you add the high poly mesh by using the "from file" option (instead of "from resource").
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I see, now I get it. Thanks for your patience :)