Author Topic: Call for a proper Substance Designer plugin for Houdini  (Read 5362 times)

Please consider making a SD bridge for Houdini:
- that is not reliant on weird config files
- that works with 3rd party renderers
- that supports assignment on the object level
- that supports the mat context
- that exposes the materials separate channels (ala C4Ds Substance Designer plugin)

The version you have available on your site is very limited :)


Hi Bonsak,

I think the features you want are good, and we will look at them as we move further with the Houdini plugin. Some of the older and more out of date plugins have been or are being rewritten, with a new Maya plugin incoming for beta within the next month. After that, more on Houdini should be next.

Galen Helfter
Software Engineer, Integrations
Maya, 3ds Max and Core Libraries

Thanks! Looking forward to that.