Author Topic: How to create large concrete floor texture.  (Read 867 times)

Hi everyone,

I am learning Substance Designer now, so I am a beginner.

I would like to create an endless texture, or large surface texture, or procedural I don't know. Have been doing research online and I found a video tutorial for an endless texture but the example was with a brick wall which makes sense. But how do you do it with a concrete floor?

Is it possible to create a texture similar to the floor on my picture I am attaching? with lots of different details to cover the whole floor and not seeing a silly ugly tiling. I know it is but I can't find the right tutorial to learn how to.

thank you guys!

The final output you get from Substance Designer is a 2D Texture, you won't be able to create an "infinite" texture from it, at least not without implementing complex systems. It's not because the textures are build using procedural techniques that they are infinite.

In your case I'd suggest you rely on traditional methods:
- create multiple variations of the material (it's easy since you can change the "seed" of your graph"), make them tile in the material in 3dsmax/maya, and blend them using a perlin noise in the shader
- make a single version but export it at a very high resolution so that you don't have to make it tile on the floor.
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Thank you very much for this.

It is exactly what I needed to know. I will give it a go doing what you say.