Author Topic: SSS black spots when rendering  (Read 301 times)

I'm hoping someone can help me with this, I'm not sure why it's happening. I'm using painter 2018.3.2
I've created a skin material based on one of the smart material presets available in painter and have tried adjusting the scattering to only affect certain areas of the model. For example if I just use the thickness texture for the SSS as the smart material does the inner mouth is visible through the characters face when rendering in Maya. To stop this I've tried using a few fill/paint layers in the mask channel to remove the scattering from these areas. However when I export my maps and hook them up in Maya I get strange black areas from the scattering, these areas often coincide with areas I've painted but occasionally they don't, which only adds to my confusion.

I'm rendering in Maya with Redshift.

I've tried using solid white or black when painting out SSS areas and different layer blends they only seem to make it worse. The only thing that seems to make it work correctly is adjusting the opacity of the fill or paint layer in the mask but this is hit and miss and is incredibly unreliable and often defeats the purpose of trying to paint out the SSS in an area.

Currently when exporting the textures I'm packing the SSS in the blue channel of a map with metal and roughness being red and green respectfully. I have tried baking out the SSS separately and plugging it in to the shader independently of other maps but this has no effect.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.