Author Topic: Discrete ramp color for tile-generated pebbles?  (Read 794 times)

I have this height map of stacked pebbles which I'm generating with Tile Generator. I'm working on an albedo map at the moment and I'd like to colour each pebble using a set of five or six different colors. I'm using three different Tile Generator input patterns. (pic #1)

What are my options when Tile Generator outputs only a merged map with no additional information? It has no awareness about which pixel belongs to which tile.

In Houdini this case is close to a trivial one. You take a shape, assign a random rotation and scale to its copy target points, assign a piece number which is then processed in a "for" loop. In that loop you deform each piece (rock) and assign it a color from a predefined ramp. (pic #2) This could of course be easily extended with a generation of a height map.

For now I can think of one workaround. Create many more input patterns, each using a specific color for a given shape, and pass all of them to Tile Generator node and its Tile Generator Color "reference copy". (BTW why isn't it still possible to create a true reference copies of existing nodes in SD???). However, available blending modes in Tile Generator Color (Add/Alpha Blend) make the pebbles look awful down the stream, because of clearly visible gray border (regardless of Blend node's alpha mixing downstream).

You should use the "Shape Splatter"  and its "Shape Splatter Blend" companion instead, it's been build to solve this issue.
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Thanks for pointing me to those nodes, Nicolas. They were just perfect for this task.