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Hi guys,

I am trying to get a wall with this rock tiling finish (Reckli-Steinwald). Any tutorial that could help me or any ideas?

I want each tile to look completely different. Do I have to create different textures and apply one by one on 3ds max. or there is a way to make a procedural texture or big large scale one.

I am pretty lost.

I attached a sketchup model of what should look like.

thanks guys,

The good news is that what you want is doable. I'm going to link you a 10 minute video that breaks down a different kind of stone wall, but has many of the techniques you will want to use.

Here is the important core for what you want, though:

The Tile Random node will give you the kind of blocks you're looking for. I then run it through a Flood Fill node, then Flood Fill to Random Color. I feed this through a Distance node as an optional step to get rid of the gaps, then go to RGBA Split. This gives me four different greyscale masks. These can be used to create the kind of height variation you have in your picture, or to control the strength of different effects on different blocks, be it color, different amounts of grain, etc.

Really, I would watch that breakdown all the way through (it's really quite short), then go back and pause at parts if you need a refresher while doing it yourself.

Using the flood fill for that might be a bit overkill. Here is a sample graph, just replace the "Clouds 2" node by your own height map.

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The Flood Fill is definitely overkill unless you use it.

Use the Flood Fill to Random Color to drive Vector Warp Grayscale nodes in order to offset surface detail across individual stone blocks.

Use variations of the four masks produced by RGBA Split for applying different colors, different kinds of grain, etc to different blocks.

It gives options, but if you don't need those options, then yeah, it's not as efficient.