Author Topic: Constant multi-minute freezing (MacOS 10.14 & Substance Painter 2018)  (Read 2140 times)

On my iMac, Substance Painter is locking my entire computer for several minutes in at least two specific instances:

- when I launch Substance Painter
- when I invoke the file/folder dialog (for both model import and the log file saving process)

I'm hesitant to experiment more, since I can't use my computer while it's frozen.

Log file attached.

Which version of MacOS are you using? It seems like Painter couldn't detect it.

10.14 (18A391)

I meant to say, not sure if it's important but this the Steam version of Painter.

Hi, is this likely to get a resolution soon? Is there any more information I can provide?

I’m a paying customer and I’m basically stuck. I’d really like to get back to work.

I just started Having this ExactProblem Too. I think it updated recently and broke its self.

I have the Steam version of painter 2018 if that matters.
Mac OS 10.14 Mac Pro 12-Core.

Any word of a fix???

Update: It Works on my Mac Book pro 2016.
its just my Mac desktop that freezes up on launch and when I use finder.
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Ctothel, it seems that painter can not use your NVIDIA card (we detect 0MB of Vram). That would explain the lags you are experiencing. This is propably link to the fact they is no WebDriver for NVIDIA card compatible with Mojave OS, as far as I am aware.

Unfortunately, the only solution there would be to roll back to a previous OS with compatible driver for your card.

However, you may experience random crashes if you are using a GPU that was not natively "built-in" your Mac, even with compatible driver, as can not afford to support home made configuration (as you can see on our official min specs page in the Notes section: "Mac : Only official Apple configurations (OSX, default GPU and Apple drivers) are supported").

Justin Craver, could you share you log file (in Help > Support > Export Log), in order to check if your problem is similar?

Here is the log file.

It says it detects 0MB of Vram and 0 GPU's in the log so I think it is because I'm not using the GPU that came with the Mac
its a AMD RX580.

But I have been using Painter for months with this config And Maybe a week or two ago it stoped working right.
I guess its not really supported but its still annoying that it doesn't work now even if it really wasn't ever meant to work.

I guess I'm going to have to take my files onto Windows now to use Painter.

I hope either this gets fixed or Upgraded or whatever since it isn't really meant to work at all apparently or Apple gives us the new Mac Pro that doesn't suck so I don't need to use a 2010 Mac with newer semi supported Hardware....


Did you have a update of the OS recently? Do you have any mean of checking if you do have driver for this card on your Mac, and eventually re download/install?

Sorry, I’m not using a non-standard graphics card. I don’t even know how that would be possible. This is a stock iMac.

Do you have any mean to roll back your OS to a previous version of Mojave, too see if the problem comes from the recent update?

From what I understand that involves a full disk wipe and fresh install from a bootable partition.

If I have to spend the hours on that (including re-installing my entire workflow & all other software) then it is what it is, but before I do… got any other ideas?

To be honest, as we only support official Apple GPU sold within the Mac, maybe it does not worth losing time doing that. It might work, but you will most probably still experience random bugs and issues.

Unfortunately, there is no real solution to your issue.


This is my iMac:

It has a stock standard NVIDIA GeForce GTX 775M.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread but I'm having the same issue in 2020. It looks like the responses you received were nonsense. Did you ever figure out a solution?