Author Topic: my material is different on these texture sets  (Read 225 times) this is a video of the problem i'm currently having.

Basically, i'm supposed to have a black metal material, but it becomes silver when i put it on a certain texture set.

This could be due to a number of things, would you be able to attach your smart material file?

That wouldn't be a problem but when i try to attach the file it says "request entry too large" when I hit reply. Is there another way i can send the file?

I am also having this issue.

Except at first when I applied the smart material I built to the texture set it worked fine. When I started making adjustments (to something else) it suddenly changed from dark to light. I hadn't been working on that material, nothing had changed. But the colors are now off and nothing is mapping on correctly.

I tried copy/pasting layers instead of using a smart material and got the same result. I also un-mapped and re-mapped my base materials (curvature, normals, ID, AO, etc.). That worked once, but when I started working again the same issue happened. Now the remapping is getting me no results.