Author Topic: Any way to filter out duplicate "S" SBSARs in search results?  (Read 597 times)

Please see the attached image. This is part of the results I get when searching for "brick" in Substance Designer. The same file shows up twice, once as a "compiledgraph", with a nice preview, and again as an "sbsar", with no preview other than a big "S".

Is it possible not to show those "S" sbsars? They basically double the number of things in my search results, and they don't have a preview of the material. (Why is that, by the way? It seems like SBSARs would have previews in Designer...)

I tried creating a filter, at least, to only show my "compiledgraphs", but I don't see any way to filter by extension.


I found a solution to this, for filters at least. When adding a filter, I can change the first value in the filter from "All" to "Graph", and it will only show the graphs.