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Hey guys, heres what i would love to see in any upcoming release of SP.
Various features
- 3D symmetry (zbrush). would be very awesome in case you have several symmetrical sides.
- 2D grid and snap features, for the brush and the view.
- Ability to draw a straight line with a SHIFT button(or any hotkey)pressed. (unless we have a grid snap this should be omitted)
- Custom hotkeys:P
- More extended presets feature, which can save a layer along with your mask and substance effects. (the mask should reset back to black/white after save depending on which one you picked from the beggining.)
- Being able to access and copy all created layers across texture sets.
- Being able to rename texture sets :P
- normals painting
- more information on all your assets you have on right click. (resolution, file type etc...)
- Fully featured decals. Not only paint with alphas but with a set of textures (base, normal, etc)
- Anitalised alphas. right now its way too sharp.
- Text tool
ID map
- A simple dropdown list or a text field with an ID number of your ID map next to the blending dropdown list. and you should have the ID map always turned on by the default. cause i think most of the people use an ID map all the time.
- ALL LAYERS related to a specific ID number of your color map must change color in layer stack, if there no ID assigned then we should have the default color, would be very usefull to understand whats what when you got more then 3 layers in stack :P
- Ability to select an ID number you wanna work with in 3D view.
- snow and ice shaders
- Ambient Occlusion
- Rain and snow particle system
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