Author Topic: It appears the Substance Plugin for Max is incompatible with Corona 3  (Read 992 times)

I installed Corona 3 a couple of days ago. The Substance Plugin now gives the following error when I click "Substance to Corona":

"-- Type error: Call needs function or class got:0"

Does this sound like it's a problem due to the Corona update or does this mean I may have an unrelated issue?

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I seem to be having the same problem. Conversion script works in vray but not Corona. Wont even render when I have any substance materials applied in scene.

Anyone have any workarounds or solutions?

It might have something to do with the Corona 3 update. There might be a node or something of the sort that has a different name, but we'll need to investigate and see what is causing the problems there.
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Any updates on this? 
So far the workaround I've been using is switching to vray, making the material via the plugin and then  converting back to corona.