Author Topic: "This texture map is not supported" error in Arnold  (Read 1084 times)

First things first... Legacy Map support is checked in the Arnold systems tab.  :) However, I still get this error while using Max 2018 with the latest service pack (, The latest Arnold (, and the latest Substance plugin (2.1.1). I've tried several sbsar files both modified and straight from Source.

I make sure Arnold is the current renderer, I make sure Legacy map support is checked, I add a Substance2 node into Slate, Load the substance file, and the error pops right up for all maps when I run the Substance to Arnold command from the Substance file menu. Same if I connect a Sourcemap node by hand to an Arnold Standard Surface.

What am I doing wrong?

This is in Win 10.



Maybe try?
converting scene to Arnold?
Configure User Paths to same location as the .sbsars files and maps.
in the Library menu in the Slate Editor check show incompatible too.

I know it can be so frustrating when you are all set and stuff does not work.

I am too dealing with after getting all of my Substance To ARnold material libraries together along with materials applied to scene objects, my problem now is 3ds Max cannot handle the larger created conversion Substance To ARnold files/Scenes/Libraries.  I have ended up exporting maps and recreating my libraries From SCRATCH in stand alone Arnold.
It seems that that for me anyway is to use Substance To ARnold in a Sparingly way.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the tip. Looks like I just needed to add the user path to the substance folder... it works now, at least in the material editor. Now I need to see how it actually renders...

Is that a rule that you need to add that path? Did I miss that somewhere in the docs?


Yes, there is a list of rules and too many in my opinion.

The Substance to Arnold is awesome except in MY Case - when you start to collect a long list of those materials and then add them to a 3ds Max Material library and or apply those S To A .mats to objects - 3ds Max starts to crash. I have been talking to Autodesk along with sending comparison libraries of both stand alone Arnold and Substance To Arnold of same materials and they reveal how Substance To Arnold file sizes are considerably larger. I am hoping that allegorithmic can somehow keep the material parameters of Subtance To A, and loose the bloat in the conversion process. 
Nonetheless I am glad that the User Path setting worked out for you!

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